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Importance of Project Report and Summer Internship Program in MBA

Importance of Project Report and Summer Internship Program in MBA

Critics of the modern education system disapproves the pedagogy adopted in most schools and colleges, as they feel that these institutes are not directed on providing practical examples and experience of whatever the students learn in the class rooms. They find such method as insufficient to help the learners face the real life challenges. However, of late, educationists and school/college authorities have realized the significance of practical learning. Therefore, the summer internship program is introduced and adopted as a part of regular curriculum in many colleges that offers specialized degree programs. One such educational program is MBA courses.  Being a specialized program that aims to equip the young graduates with the knowledge to handle various business operations, it intends on offering an understanding to the students of the real world scenario.

MBA program is an application-based educational course. Therefore, it is not enough to learn the theoretical aspects, it is equally important to get acquainted with the functioning and norms of the corporate world. Summer internship program provides the necessary exposure to the world of business and different industries within it to the management students. This program is usually held during the summer vacations after the completion of third semester. Students have to work for around 1½ or 2 months in a company and learn practical aspects of the subject, which they have taken for specialization. During this period of 2 months, they get a chance to discover as to what are functions that ensures a smooth administration and management of large sectors in the corporate world, as well as they get an opportunity to apply the theories and case studies they learnt in the class rooms.

We all know that the best way to remember anything is to experience it. The strategies in the report might sound very impressive, but a student’s real knowledge is put to test when he can apply what he has learnt during 3 semesters. A student may have fully understood the concepts of marketing, sales, HR, finances, etc.... but it is worthless, if they remain on papers. Preparing brilliant plans and strategies on paper is of no use, if the students do not have the knowledge to apply these concepts in the actual business environment. The students, while working in a company during the summer internship program as part of their MBA course learns to apply the strategies and their knowledge in the actual situations where their single mistake can affect their final result of MBA.

While working during the summer internship program, the students can build a network of friends and references that might turn up as an asset for them when they have to pursue full-time jobs after completion of their MBA program. SIP can become an opportunity to prove themselves to their prospective employers. The companies might hire these management aspirants based on the performance in the SIP. Besides, this the students get a chance to work with seasoned professionals who possesses valuable experience, which can help them to hone their own skills and intelligent.

For most students, summer vacation is a time to take rest and relax. However, for students pursuing MBA course, it is the time to hone their skills and intelligence that shapes their future career, with summer internship programs that make them aware of the actual business scenario.

Summary of the topic

Experience of working in real life situation gives an added advantage, as it prepares the person to face the future situations. Summer internship program gives the management students a chance to enhance their skills and apply their knowledge in actual circumstances.

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